Welcome to my blog. As a writer, it is my job to explore the world in all its diversity, notice its intricacies and ironies, its vibrant colours and its poignant scenes, and transform it all into words that speak powerfully to others. To move you, the reader – to tears or laughter. To spark a new idea or thought — inspire you even. That is what HotCopy is about. Interspersed of course with content specific to the world of marketing writing. Please enjoy.

About the author

Laura is an award-winning senior marketing writer and adventurous citizen of the planet. She is a voyager, history buff, budding Egyptologist, a performer, host and raconteur. With a background as a writer n creative agencies, financial firms, but also as an actress, TV host, journalist and singer songwriter, she brings a diversity of experience, humour and big energy to all of her worldly endeavours.

Three Reasons it Pays to Hire a Pro Writer

Sure, you speak and write excellent English. You possess stellar grammar and can rhyme off a plethora of multi-syllabic, “ten gallon” words to impress your cleverest friends and peers. And of course you read the online news daily along with all the right magazines and a few top industry blogs – even ‘Oprah’s book of…


Style Sizzle and Substance

These days, I’ve been writing a lot of articles. Educational and knowledge articles for the most part. My main client lately has been OLG, and so the entertainment subject matter has been a lot of fun. But it got me thinking about writer best practices for online research. After all, it’s a jungle of information…


Why Herodotus is one of my heroes

So many people of my age, education, urban locale and marketing communications profession are consumed with the status things in life. The thread count on their new set of designer sheets. The coolest new gastro pub to see, be seen at and ingest within. Getting that next great client, promotion, attractive partner, micro Ipad or…


Ode to Travel – a personal musing

Travel is about breaking patterns and expanding boundaries. Nourishing the mind and feeding the soul with rich and intoxicating new sights, sensations and flavours. For some, it may be as simple as margaritas by the ocean and a mariachi band. But for those more enlightened and searching souls, it is about striving and growing as…