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Ceridian Working Caregivers Report
Ceridian Financial Wellness Infographic
Ceridian “Day in the Life of a Caregiver” Storyboard/Infographic
Educators Financial Newsletter
Orasi Software Blogs
Ceridian Small Business Blog
Microsoft Small Business Blog
Ceridian LifeWorks Financial Wellness Report
Fortify Technology Blog

Woodbine Entertainment Group Website 2017

Challenge: Rewrite the entire Woodbine Entertainment Group family of websites following a 2017 rebranding. Reinvigorate the WEG message to reflect a vibrant and exciting new brand — and drive traffic.

Solution: With minimal direction, CopyBard rapidly generated SEO-friendly, on-target copy for the new group of Woodbine sites over the Spring and Summer of 2017. The scintillating and dynamic heads, subs and body copy went live with few (if any) revisions.


logo BMO

BMO Bank of Montreal

Challenge: A variety of financial stakeholders required strong copy and concepts in a pinch to promote their banking product and service launches – as well as various investor events.

Solution: Fast development of  creative campaigns and copywriting on demand for wide range of ads and marketing pieces. This included an especially vibrant campaign for an Capital Markets event around the Calgary Stampede targeting three distinct client groups with fun colloquial language.

BMO 2014 Capital Markets Calgary Stampede Invitations_E_v1.1-page-001
BMO Capital Markets, Calgary Stampede Invite
BMO Agriculture Ad Penny Neil 5.5x8.5-page-001
BMO At Your Service
BMO Banking Poster for Garrison
BMO Home Financing
BMO Home Financing Military Campaign
BMO ETE Redbook
BMO ETE Redbook Ad
BMO Shell Brochure
BMO MasterCard Brochure

One Kenton Place

Challenge: To promote a new high end dementia careresidence to attract new residence.

Solution: CopyBard created a series of print ads for Canadian Jewish News – developing creative concept, headlines and all copy.


Play OLG


Challenge: To generate interest and excitement around the launch of PlayOLG’s upcoming iGaming portal.

Solution: Development of an article series about gaming, igaming and gaming history along with an engaging Blog named “WordPlay” covering Ontario’s unsung heroes, PlayOLG people, and notable happenings around the province.

“…From Maxmillions to Egyptian board games…Laura has helped craft the exciting portal content that’s currently prepped for launch; including FAQs, games pages, Lottery info, video tutorials and has played an integral role in the revamping, rewriting and re-awesoming of the pre-launch site.”

Tabitha Aquino,
Senior Manager, Customer Experience, iGaming

PlayOLG Goderich blog COMPLETE FINAL-page-001
PlayOLG Goderich Blog
PlayOLG ROM Blog
PlayOLG Senet Article
PlayOLG Senet Article
PlayOLG Stratford Blog
PlayOLG Stratford BLOG
logo medrehab

MedRehab Group

Challenge: Weak branding and need for a cohesive look, feel, voice and communications strategy to unify and raise the profile of this group of clinics, while also reflecting the unique strengths of each branch.

Solution: Total creative re-brand following an exhaustive market research process. Work included including new messaging, logo, new brand look and feel, ads, posters, signs, collateral and SEO web copywriting (including site mapping and project management) for a brand new customer-centric website. As a result, the MedRehab web site traffic doubled within months.

MedRehab TipSheets
MedRehab Group Tip Sheets
MedRehab Backpain Trifold
MedRehab Backpain Trifold
We put our patients first
Corporate Brochure
Injury or Accident
Fact Sheet
Custom Orthotics Coupon
Custom Orthotics Coupon
Freedom from pain begins here
Clinic Poster

AOL Canada

Challenge: Finding a go-to responsive writer who understood the direct medium and writing for multi-tier marketing test campaigns.

Solution: Laura at CopyBard! I delivered tight copy and strong concepts for on a number of direct marketing, online and print marketing communications initiatives including a total website rewrite and a winning creative banner campaign for AOL Media Online Services.

AOL IABMarketing Book
Marketing Magazine Ad
AOL Online Universe
Direct Marketing
AOL They're Here
Direct Marketing
Holiday Special Inside
Direct Marketing
Zurich Canada

Zurich Financial

Challenge: Finding an internal copywriter who could perform as an agency and in-house writer. Zurich required a writer to create dynamic and compelling concepts with the art director at their outside creative house and then hone them into powerful communications in-house to promote Zurich’s various insurance products and services.

Solution: Laura at CopyBard. I led smart creative campaigns, delivering inspired concepts and creative for a variety of insurance marketing initiatives. Because of the great value I delivered, I was one of only three employees remaining (in a 25-person marketing department) following the ING merger.

Zurich Watercraft Brochure
Watercraft Brochure 1
Zurich Watercraft Brochure 2
Watercraft Brochure 2
Zurich - Harsh Climate
Zurich - Come Show Your Colours
Conference Invite
Zurich - Amazing Chemistry
Zurich - Proven Formula
Brochure Part 2



CopyBard’s longest standing client, a leading global security and crisis management firm has called on CopyBard for more than 7 years for everything from bylined articles and press releases to newsletters, brochures, bios, correspondence and web content.

AFI Presentation Folder
To Serve and Protect
Canadian Underwriter Feature Article
The Shield
The Shield Tips

Other Client Samples

Behold, some more noteworthy pieces of my work!

Synergy Brochure
Mechanical Engineering Corporate Brochure
Mother Daughter Relationship Centre
Small Business Flyer
SmarTots Developer Sell Sheet
SmarTots Developer Sell Sheet
Mitchell & Abbot - Risk Report
Insurance Newsletter
Beyond the Pyramids
Travel Article
Guidance Endo - Breaking a Tip 400W
Print Ad
Ceridian brochure Are You Canada Ready
Ceridian Whitepaper
John Hancock, Stop Digging Dog Poster
Financial Services Direct Mail